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He's got it...

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  • By Sarah Collins
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He's got it...

In our imperfect world, we face a multitude of so called "monsters," but in all reality, most of our deepest fears originate and are cultivated in one , dangerous place...our mind. Worry, fear, name it...I've faced it: especially dealing with a small business. The truly sad part is that I know so many people, myself guilty, as well, who live an awesome life full of family, friends, and blessings, who are still slaves to their negative thoughts. 


Just being completely open and raw, this week I have woken up in the middle of the night (which if you know me, I'm basically in a different world when sleeping, so this is very out of color for me!), tossing and turning with what I like to call "stupid worry." Let me attempt to explain my mind when its in "stupid worry" mode. I might think something like..."omg. what if a homeless person has snuck in my store and is hiding when I open tomorrow?!?!....did I blow out that candle???...I forgot to take my contacts out! I'll get macular degeneraton?!?...and the list goes on until I worry about the "big ticket" issues. 


I finally heard that sweet, soft voice in my spirit say, "Sarah, what is it going to take for you to trust me??" Wow. I suddenly felt as if I had slapped God right between the eyes...and He's right. Time and time again, God has fulfilled His promise that "He's got it," and not only fulfilled my needs, but gone above and beyond for the solution of my worry... so why do I continue? I personally feel like the "flesh" and human side of me almost feeds off the drama of worry and fear...kind of like a sick, distorted game.  And, I know for a fact, that is exactly where the enemy wants me to a whirlwind circle of constant worry, my mind jumping from fear to fear of what could, or could not ever happen! Think about it: the perfect distraction from achieving God's plan! 



Then looking at the view from my spirit, the part of me that I want to cultivate and become strengthened, I come to my "spiritual senses" and think, "Ok. If I have time to worry about it...I definitely have time to pray about it!" If I toss and turn in bed, worrying, nothing in those actions is productive in working towards a solution. Why not "cast your cares" on the One that can actually do something about it...the one who will be up all night anyway...the one who sacrificed His own Son so that we don't have to be slaves to fear! I kind of think of handling our own worries and fears like research: you are looking for a solution. Using your own ability instead of God's is almost like going to use an outdated library with limited resources versus using google. No comparison. Also, why waste the victorious life that God has in store?! 


God's word never has had the instruction, "figure it out." He always urges us to trust in Him. Wait on Him. Be still. Cast your cares...because He cares! Expect great things from the ultimate promise keeper...after all... thoughts are powerful, and so is God. If you expect will see that fear come to pass more in your life. Turn your worries into prayers and expectations of good. After all...worries of tomorrow steals the peace of today!






  1. Jessica Jessica

    I do not live near any Poppie Boutique locations, but my family does and I often go to the boutique when I am in town. Today I was sitting in class and decided to come look at the website, and I saw the link to this blog. Lately I have had a lot of personal issues & worries that have been heavy on my heart and this blog helped more then you know, so thank you so much for writing it :)

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