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Lesson not learned.

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  • By Sarah Collins
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Lesson not learned.

In a society that claims to want to promote love and peace, why is there still so much of the opposite? Haven't we learned our lesson with where that leads!?


[DISCLAIMER: This is not a complaining, doom-type till the end, it gets cheerier ;)]


OK, I know that sounds like I'm reading too much into things, but if you think about it, it's painfully true. 


I am still so young, but never in my life have I ever felt so much tension, division, and offended vibes from our society. Things can be taken the wrong way or sickly twisted in the blink of an eye. The sad thing is, most of the time the individuals making this twist are meaning to promote love and peace, or even claim to be Christians. Is anyone feeling me here? (BTW, I am an open Christian [hopefully shown by my actions :)] and I do NOT claim to be perfect...far from it, actually...this is just heavy on my heart this week). 


Example: I have seen so many businesses, including mine, post about donating a portion of sales to hurricane relieve in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. Awesome cause! AND thats a voluntary action toward love and hope that those businesses are not obligated to take! BUT STILL, I have seen (thankfully not involving my own business), so many individuals bashing some businesses saying that they are using a natural disaster to promote sales?!? Seriously?!? The comments I have read about said businesses are from people who clearly aren't against helping hurricane victims, but want to point fingers saying that someone else is doing it the "wrong way."


Are we missing the forest for the trees? Are we trying to claim we support hope, peace, and love, but then if another attempts to do so in a way that may look or be different than ours, we attack it because it doesn't match our ideas, further spreading the hate?


To go even further...for years people, including Christians, want to "cast the first stone" when it comes to sins that they may not struggle with. Its easy to judge it if you don't deal with it, right? Well, to God, sin is SIN. He hates it ALL. He loves US individually, but hates to see what sin does to our lives. He knows it leads to death! That means (preaching to myself here) sin includes: little white lies, judging too quickly, assuming the worst in people, not accepting people who aren't like me...and the list goes on as it hits harder to every person who has done all of these things. BUT all of these lists that drag on endlessly of our shortcomings are what make the GRACE of God even that much greater and powerful


With all that is going on in the world: whether it be sin in general, natural disasters, the effects of terrorism, division of any kind in our country...I reflect on the pattern of things, and our behavior as a human race...and think, "Why haven't we learned our lesson?" It seems so simple, right? How many times are we so quick to judge, when just a little ways down the road, our chance to be judge will come when we slip up, and we will wish people had more mercy on us (like we had the chance to give to them!). How many more disasters (natural or terrorist related) will it take to unify our people? How much longer will we always assume to worst in people's good intentions? 


If we want peace in our starts with us. One little action of love at a time. Do unto others. Love like Jesus did. Think about WHY someone may be acting the way they do before you're so quick to cast the first stone. Remember that no one is perfect, but EVERY one needs love and mercy...even me. Look at what's at stake! When I think of what my hands should look like if they are mirroring that of Jesus, they definitely aren't pointed. 


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