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The Spirit of a Momma

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  • By Sarah Collins
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The Spirit of a Momma

When you hear the word "Momma," what comes to mind? We all have a gut reaction, good or not so good, to how we feel about the Mothers in our lives. Luckily, when I hear that word- a huge peace comes over me! I have no earthly idea why- but I have been exquisitely blessed with an angel of a Momma, and so many other amazing women in my life. No matter you biological Momma situation- I am sure that we can all name someone who has mothered us in our lives someway...sometimes blood isn't always thicker than water! Who can say "amen" to the fact that God can provide a Momma Figure in a time of need...even one that isn't blood "kin!"


To go a little further, when I think about what my own mom means to me, I truly believe that it is the spirit of the role that she has taken on with mine and my bother and sister's lives. Its the overall warmth of knowing someone is taking time out of their day to text you, call you, and most importantly, pray for you. Its the spirit of someone telling you like "it is" rather than giving you a sugar-coated version of what you'd rather hear. The spirit of a mom is like no other- someone who you can seriously call for Godly counsel at anytime, vent to even about laundry, ask questions like "how long do you boil an egg," and especially read right though a fake smile through the difficult times, then deliver what seems like a message from God himself to help the situation perfectly. Its not just the stereotypical cooking and cleaning (even though I'm all about that too LOL), but its the ideal of a woman in your life that you look at and think, "maybe...just maybe...I can be that for someone else someday."  Thats my mom.


Mother's day is coming up and I want to honor Moms and Mother Figures out there who embody the true sweet, selfless spirit of Motherhood! Under this post on our social media handles (make sure to like and follow us!)- or in the comments of this blog- write why you love your Momma or the Mother Figures in your life! What qualities are irreplaceable and timeless? What makes them "the BEST mom" (other than my Momma, of course- obviously she's the best!). Then share our post (Instagram friends- comment another friend)! The winner will receive a $100 gift card from Poppie's Boutique to gift to their Mom or Mother Figure! Winner announced the Friday before Mother's Day, May 11th! (am I setting myself up for some emotional reading or what?!? LOL).


ALSO (fun part here!) join us at Poppie's stores on May 12th for some HUGE celebrations honoring Moms and those shopping for Moms! We will be featuring a bloom bar with fresh flowers to pick your own bouquet for mom in store to go with their other gifts. I'm all about some fresh flowers! Also, at our Lebanon location, enjoy local handmade jewelry styles from Merriam Whited from 10am-1pm!

We have the perfect sentiments for any Mom or Mother figure, whether it be the local goods from Benny and Ezra, a handmade leather Karama bag, handmade candles, bath goods, pj's, and so much more...and, of course, we always gift wrap for free!!

We cant wait to see you on the 12th of May, and I cant wait to read why you love the Moms in your life! Hug a Mom today and God bless Moms everywhere!






  1. Edith Edith

    The qualities of making a great Mom are so many. But above all else I think loving your children and putting them first as well as being selfless are great qualities to have. My Mom has those qualities and she has overcome so many things from an operation in her head, the condition of my brother, and the recent passing of her Dad. She is the strongest woman I know.

  2. Mary Brooke Haley Mary Brooke Haley

    My mom has taught me everything I know. She has taught me to love God, encourage others, proper grammar, and to always see the good in people. She is my best friend. One of my favorite songs has a lyric that says, "Sometimes I'm my mother's daughter, sometimes I'm her friend", and this could not describe our relationship more. I have been told by many of my friends how rare my relationship with my mom is. Without her guidance and love, I would be lost. She always puts others before herself, without even realizing she is doing it. It comes naturally. She has sent me to the best schools, worked hard at her job at Cumberland University, cooked dinner every night, and always finds time to spend as much time as possible with me. As I have gotten older, our relationship has become so much stronger. I tell her everything, and she always listens with love and acceptance. She works so hard, and refuses to use her money or time on herself. Because of this, she deserves to have a shopping day this Mother's Day.

  3. Christina Christina

    My mom was my best friend as well. She was my rock. Through anxiety that left me paralyzed, she calmed me and set my focus back on Jesus. She was that kind gentle voice in the chaos. She was the one person I could always count on. But this isn't a contest entry. She was stolen from me when I was only 23. I'm 35 now. I have no mother figure here on Earth and It gets really lonely sometimes. I just dropped in here to say, appreciate every detail and every moment. No one can take her place. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's . You are someone's world.

  4. Tabitha Lowery Tabitha Lowery

    I'll forever be thankful for Lisa Allen Phillips she not only opened up her home BUT she opened up her heart to me as a teenager, she took me, loved and accepted me as though I was hers! She later in life accepted my son just as a nanny would! She taught me how to love the way a real mother would without limits, she gave expecting nothing in return, she's cried when I've cried, been my secret keeper, but also stood tall and set me on the right path when I needed to be corrected! I love you mom ❤

  5. Sarah Sarah

    YALL! These are all phenomenal. If you have commented, take time to read the others. What amazing, Godly, women are being honored! WOW! my heart is full!

  6. Esther Lorenzo Esther Lorenzo

    My momma was my half. She was not only my pillar of faith, my moral compass, but my #1, biggest fan. Growing up in the church she held leadership positions and my 3 year old self would follow her like the “tail” I was. For years we did everything together. She was my biggest confidant, friend, and teacher - but what mom isn’t? As I got older and started to drive, I became her “chauffeur” and she became my “tail” joining me at every single volleyball game, choir concert, church performance, and school function - so much so we went to London for a chorus trip and on her birthday she rode a Double decker bus! Even when I started college, she still attended my extra curricular vocal recitals, classes, and concerts. All of this really started to come to a hault my senior year of high school when she was diagnosed with a stage IV gastric (stomach) cancer. I was blessed to have another niece and graduate in the same weekend and STILL have my mom after they promised her 2 months to live. She fought every step to see her babies grow in God, and accomplish our goals. Unfortunately, right before I started nursing school in December of 2015 she passed as peacefully as everyone should. She fought hard for us. She laughed, smiled, and praised God with every breath in her. But that brings me to my favorite “living” mother. My sister. We are 12 years apart, so of course our relationship was kind of hindered until I got a bit older - around 10. Not only do my sister and I look a like - we look like our mother. So it’s a calming and easy presence to be around. I may have lost my mom- but so did she. Grace carried her through, with God’s mighty arms wrapped around us. Not only does she encompass every bit of my mother, but she still praises God even when it gets tough. She teaches her girls in the ways of the Bible and ultimately the way of the Lord. She goes out of her way to show other’s God by being her daughter’s class Chaplain. She does everything with the highest grade of execution and does not like to cut corners. She’ll always have a baby wipe, food, or a present ready for an unsuspecting event/visitor. She selflessly gives to her girls, their friends, and doesn’t bat and eyelash if something needs to be done - she’ll be there and ready! But most importantly, she never gave up. She never stopped functioning. Yes, she hurts, we all do, don’t we? But she never stopped for me, for her girls, for her husband, or for our family. I could go on with every minute detail of why my sister is beyond amazing. I could’ve had an older brother - but God knew I needed a sister- MY sister, to be like our mother.

  7. Kerra Blackwell Kerra Blackwell

    My mom and my sweet little granny are the best friends any girl could ever ask for. My mom has always put my sister and I before herself in every situation. Even when we didn’t have much she made sure we got everything we needed and wanted. From working tirelessly in a 3rd shift job, to putting herself through college, she is the type of role model every young girl needs in her life. The same can be said about my granny. She’s at the age of retirement but has no thoughts of slowing down. When my two younger brothers mother couldn’t take care of them, my granny stepped in and has been raising them on her own to be respectful young men. She quit her job at a factory to pursue her dream of, wait for it, being a lunch lady at our local high school because she loves kids and cooking that much. Both of these women have encouraged and supported me throughout my entire life. I simply wouldn’t be who I am without them. They, along with every hardworking momma deserve the most amazing Mother’s Day, because the earned it.

  8. Samantha Hearn Samantha Hearn

    My mother figure came into my life when i was 10 years old. She was 23 years old and took me under her wings like i was hers from the beginning. The bond we share is something that can never be broken. I’m blessed to say my sister in law and brother adopted me when i was just a 10 year old girl. I think she is so special because she took in someone elses daughter and raised me to be hers. She did not have to do any of this, but with lots of prayer and the Christian woman she is she took me in wothout any hesitation because we knew God was in control. She has taught me many things in life but the most important one is even if your at your lowest God will always be there to pick you up, like he did when i was a little girl. God knew that i didn’t have the life i needed when i was 10 so he brought me a mom that would show me what love was really like, and boy is it amazing. She will always be my biggest fan, my go to and the bestest friend i will ever have! I’m definitely a blessed lady to have Leann Slatton as my mother! And i know wothout a doubt she will be the best grandma come September when my sweet baby is due! I hope to be half the woman she is!

  9. Christina Hall Christina Hall

    The woman who really raised me and taught me how to have a servant heart was my grandmother - MamMa! She changed her address to heaven 7 years ago and I miss her today as much as did that first year! She loved me well and taught me all the realities of life - even though this girl was definitely the dreamer! My MamMa was a devout Christian woman who loved life! She raised five children and mostly raised my sister and myself. Wow! She could cook and sew and lay in a garden and gather the harvest. I'm the oldest of her ten grandchildren and I guess you could say I was always the "black sheep" of the family. Sorta did things my own way. Well, I can tell you I would not be writing this today if it had not been for my MamMa's prayers. Those prayers saved my life in more ways than one. She truly mentored me in the ways of a Proverbs 31 woman! She was that woman! I have not totally reached that goal and a lofty goal it is! I will always strive to make her proud of me. I just hope my sweet Maggie will someday write about me something along the lines of "My momma loved me and she loved me well!"

  10. Hannah Human Hannah Human

    My mom is irreplaceable and the best mom out there because she is the strongest woman I know and loves unconditionally. She has a very forgiving and mericiful heart leading her to never stop loving my brother and me. She faithfully relies on the Lord everyday and prays without ceasing. If that isn’t enough to prove her greatness, she loves the Lord with all her heart and is a pure example of a Proverbs 31 woman! And to top it all off she is a great, genuine role-model to me and my young teen friends! My sweet momma is my inspiration, my whole heart, my dear sweet friend, and the loveliest woman I know! ❤️ I am absolutely blessed to have her as my mom!

  11. Shannon Brinkley Shannon Brinkley

    My mom has been gone for several years now. She passed from this earth to heaven at an early age when I was only 20 years old. I am almost 50 now and there is never a day that passses that I don’t think of her and wish I could see her. My Mom gave me life, she cared enough to put me first and always herself last she fed me when i was hungry and provided for me what i needed , she comforted me when i was troubled and gave me a shoulder to cry on when i needed it, she always gave me a tender love and tough love when i needed it, she had a big heart and a warm heart. she had a way of comforting me when i was fearful or, whenever i was ill, whenever i was weary, whenever i was bewildered or confused, Mom always shielded me from harm. she taught me how to be good to people, which is not easy at all and how to respect my family, elders and women. She wasnt the exception, she was the rule. She took me to church and lead me to the Lord.
    My Mom was truly a special person. i love my mom with all my heart and i can say that Mom truly loved me just as much. She was my best friend. I could tell her anything. These good and valued memories of my Mom will be with me forever. Without my mother i wouldnt be the person i am today. Im not the best and im not the worst either, but im pretty proud of the person i am that my mother help mold. Me and my Mom didnt have much, but we had each other, and to me i was truly rich beyond anything i could have imagined. If you still have your Mom, you are truly blessed. Be sure to tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you. She would love to hear those words, Trust me. you will see a beautiful smile light up her face. Because one day, she will be gone. And when she is you will realize how much you overlooked her and the little things she did for you. My mom went home to Jesus at an early age but there isnt a day that goes by that i dont think of her. Mom I love you, and on this mother’s day i honor you. Happy mothers day. I miss you. I cant wait to see you again soon and wrap my arms around you.

  12. Haley Wilmore Haley Wilmore

    Because my mama is the perfect picture of grace, class, and love. She would sacrifice anything if it meant my brothers and I would be happy. She’s quiet and patient. She always answers and listens when we call- to share good news, to vent, or to comfort. I know we must drive her crazy at times but you’d never know. One day, I pray to be even just a fraction of the mom my mom is.

  13. Kayleigh Vaught Kayleigh Vaught

    I am a 15 year old girl that has already in my life faced several challenges that have changed my life completely. My momma has stuck with me throughout everything and I am truly blessed to have her. I’m going to tell you a little of what I’ve gone through. When I was only 9 years old I was told that I would have to have open heart surgery to save my life. The doctors told my parents and I that I would not survive if I didn’t have the surgery. I can not ever imagine what my mom and dads thoughts were at the time they told us this. I had my sugery and it went okay. During surgery my heart stopped once and my lung collapsed. After surgery I was in so much pain and I was always sad because I couldn’t do anything with other kids. I’m telling you this because throughout all of this, my mom stuck with me no matter what. No Matter what challenges God threw at us, she stayed with me and protected me. My momma is my inspiration, my heart, and I am so happy to say that she is also my best friend. She does everything for me and continues to do this. She provides for me and my siblings. She does so much more for us than what we need. I have had a total of 3 surgeries and during and after each one my Mamma is there for me. I hope to one day be a mom like her. She is a Godly, Christian women and I love her so much. So I’m saying a huge I love you to my mom.

  14. Mattie ray Mattie ray

    I love my momma because she loves unconditionally. She will love me no matter what, my mom works so hard for my whole family because of her unconditional love for us. My mom helps me with evythjng I do and always makes sure I have what I need. Most importantly, my momma’s love for Christ is her best quality, her spirit is so joyful and makes people smile. My mom is the best mom in the world and deserves a shopping spree!!

  15. Nyoka Waller Nyoka Waller

    My daughter is the one I want to tell about. She is a mom and a Marine. She works long hours and still takes care of her husband, daughter and home. She has a kind giving heart and compassion for others. It seems to me she carries a lot of weight on her shoulders . She loves God and her family. I wish things were easier for her, I hope she knows how much I love her and how special she truly is.

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